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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Silverlight news: Tafiti source code released and a new Silverlight development site

A couple pieces of great news for Silverlight developers:

1. Microsoft has just released the source code for Tafiti (http://tafiti.com) on CodePlex: http://codeplex.com/WLQuickApps Tafiti is one of the most sophisticated SilverLight applications I'm aware of at this time, and so this should be an interesting body of code for aspiring SilverLight developers to dig through. Note: This Silverlight 1.0 code, NOT Silverlight 2.0 alpha code, and so it is using JavaScript not C#.

2. Microsoft and CMP Media have just launched a new Resource Center for MS Silverlight site for developers (http://www.ddjresources.com/silverlight/) this looks like another great resource.

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