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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My new approach to personal email management

I have adopted a new approach to personal email management that I thought was innovative enough that it is worth sharing.

The problem being solved is to try and find more effective ways to manage my inbox, while reducing the number of people and businesses that I give my primary personal email address to. A secondary goal is to track which businesses use my email address to spam me with unwanted third party junk email, and then easily block that email.

So here is the approach: I have a dedicated domain name "scrappydog.com" with just one email user (me). All email to any email address in the scrappydog.com domain lands in my inbox. This allows me to created a separate dedicated email address for every organization I do business with, and I can create a one off random address for any interaction I want.

Here some examples:

  1. wellsfargo@scrappydog.com
  2. americanexpress@scrappydog.com
  3. somegirlimetatthebar@scrappydog.com
  4. criticalworkstuff@scrappydog.com

Then I can create a single inbox rule to route email addressed TO wellsfargo@scrappydog.com straight to the trash after I close my account there, instead of ten different rules for all of the different addresses they send me email FROM based on different marketing campaigns.

Important point to note: What makes this so simple is that I'm routing ALL the email for this domain to a single inbox, and so there is NO SETUP for a new address, I just make them up on the spot. And I can easily create rules to make them go away.

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Unknown said...

Checkout otherinbox.com. They take the approach up a few notches.