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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Running Virtual Server R2 SP1 on Vista

I've always preferred using Virtual Server to Virtual PC, and today I was setting up Virtual Server R2 SP1 on a new Vista machine, and I thought it was worth noting a couple of issues:

1. The Virtual Server Administration Website is a CGI application, but CGI applications are not enabled by default in IIS 7 on Vista. To enable CGI you need to go to:

> Control Panel

> Programs and Features

> Turn Windows features on or off

> Internet Information Services

> World Wide Web Services

> Application Development Features and check the CGI box.

2. When you try to browse to the Virtual Server Administration Website for the first time you will probably get the following error:

"The following error occurred:
An error occurred accessing the website application data folder."

The solution is that you need to open Internet Explorer as an Administrator (right-click on the IE icon and select "Run as administrator").

3. Installing the Microsoft Loopback Adapter on Windows Vista:

> Control Panel

> Add Hardware

> Click Next on the “Welcome to Add Hardware Wizard”

> Click the “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list” button, and then click Next

> Choose Network adapters click Next

> Under Manufacturer choose Microsoft

> Under Network Adapter choose Microsoft Loopback Adapter.

> Click Next

> Click Next

(The point of installing the Microsoft Loopback Adapter is to allow you to connect the host PC to the Virtual Server "Internal Network" without exposing the guest operating systems on a "real" network.)

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