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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Email Management Tip: Automatically flagging sent email that requires a followup

Here's a great email management tip that I got from an "aunt" of mine:

How often do send an email that requires a response from somebody else, or that you want to followup on later? How often does the other person fail to reply? How often do you fail to remember to follow up?

So here's the tip: On any email that requires a followup, cc: it to YOURSELF and then create an Inbox rule in Outlook or filter in Gmail (I love Gmail) that saves the sent message to folder/label named "Followup Required".

Wala! An automagic task list!

And you can add tasks for yourself the same way... just email yourself a note... it doesn't have to be a reply.

And if you thought that was interesting you might like this old post on the rest of my email management strategy.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this post scrappydog! a good tip also is using Outlook Track-It, which is a toolbar for outlook that automatically flags emails for a follow up. i've found this plugin very useful for my business. thought i'd drop it by!

Randy said...

Or you could use FollowUp.cc! Check it out at: