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Monday, December 8, 2008

Configuing VS2008 (or VS2010) and TFS to use Beyond Compare

I've been really enjoying using Visual Studio 2008 and TFS for production development for the first time, but I hate the default file compare tool.

Here is a great blog post with simple instructions on how to configure VS2008 to use Beyond Compare (the best windows file comparison tool):



Anonymous said...

Well thanks a lot for sharing that link..it sure made my life a lot easier...I mean I have been trying to configure VS2008 to use Beyond Compare on my own..but have lost too much time and beacuse of that decided to google out the problem..and I did that when I found your post..so thx again..

Anonymous said...

Eric, glad that you found my post useful. Beyond compare is just such an invaluable tool to use!

Eric Bowen said...

FYI: This is also valid for VS2010 (no change)